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About Us

Trinidad provides an efficient and cost-effective service to private investors who desire to purchase polished diamonds and polished colored gemstones to diversify their portfolio.

Private investors can buy GIA-certified investment diamonds and SSEF- certified investment colored gemstones with complete transparency and with the full support of an expert gemologist.

Trinidad can also provide insurance shipping and custodial services to make these investments easier and safe.

Would you like to sell your jewellery ?

We will be happy to see you and evaluate your goods, simply contact us; you can send us a photo and the description of the piece/s you would like to sell and we will then fix you an appointment with one of our experts.

Our in-depth knowledge of the study of stone's inclusions allows us to recognize and give a real value to the most important stones on the market.


Phone: +33 6 30 23 71 73

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