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Company Profile

Trinidad is a monegasque company exclusively dealing with antique jewellery, natural colored gemstones, large diamonds and pearls.

We deal primarily with untreated gemstones, which account for about 1% of the gemstones market. All of our stones are certified by the most important authorities in gemology : GIA and HRD for diamonds; SSEF ,GUBELIN, and AGL for colored gemstones.

Our specialty is a thorough knowledge of the gemstone market, with a focus on:

- Natural fancy color diamonds

- Unheated Burmese rubies & sapphires
- Unheated Kashmir sapphires

- Natural Pearls
- Colombian emeralds

The managing director, Davide, is a well trained GIA gemologist who has also graduated in many advanced courses in Switzerland and Italy.

Our experience in the field of gemology as well as in the trade of gemstones has helped us developing a network of international clients , both professional and private. 

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